Social Workers Step in When Families Need it the Most

18 years ago, Roxanne completed her Master’s internship at Delaware Hospice and hasn’t left. An experienced social worker, Roxanne provides support to everyone involved in a patient’s care plan.

Delaware Hospice social workers are part of an interdisciplinary team where their role is to not only support their patient but also the family and assist the care team. Living our Mission, social workers meet the needs of our patients by providing the resources necessary for a care plan to be successful.

Roxanne recalls a time when a gentleman needed to get home to his sister in South Carolina. When his health perked up just enough, they were able to get him back to South Carolina and live a few more weeks with his sister.

Fulfilling Moments as a Social Worker

Being a social worker is a fulfilling opportunity to help someone through their journey by providing information about what to expect and how to feel prepared — lessening the state of panic.

“Sometimes people think a social worker or they may feel stuck. They might not know what to do or even know the questions that they should be asking. That is where the social worker steps in. We are able to answer those questions and provide support.”

Roxanne appreciates the ability to meet people she would have never met in another circumstance. You would never walk up to a stranger’s door and knock and say “Can I come in?” With home care, the care teams are welcomed inside people’s homes and it is an incredible experience. “I consider it a sacred privilege to go into a space where people are limiting visitors and other people are stepping out. We have the privilege of stepping in and being invited into people’s homes and lives.”

At Delaware Hospice, members of the care teams understand the meaning of team work. For Roxanne, knowing her colleagues have her back and act as resources for each other is important to her. She has a great amount of joy working alongside her colleagues who she says are the cream of the crop!

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