Grief doesn’t follow a typical pattern from beginning to end. It is a highly personal process through which we travel and evolve. At times, you may experience difficulties sleeping, eating, or participating in activities that you would normally enjoy. You might encounter uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety, guilt, and confusion.

Delaware Hospice’s Bereavement Support helps families under our care move through the grief process—even before their loved one dies.

When you’re ready to seek help coping with grief, Delaware Hospice offers support and resources in various ways, including:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Support Groups
  • Grief Support Workshops
  • Luncheons, Lectures, and Retreats
  • Special Memorial Services
“Everyone that attended to him was wonderful…not just to him, but to me.”
— Patricia B., Ocean View, DE
Check out Delaware Hospice’s upcoming bereavement events in your area, or call 800.838.9800.
Download Your Loss, Your Grief (PDF):
an introduction to the grieving process.

Get help from our bereavement counselors. Call 800.838.9800.

Delaware Hospice services are available throughout the entire state of Delaware and in Southern Chester and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania.