Never Alone – Online Group

A safe, online space for caregivers and loved ones of persons with dementia to develop a support system and talk through issues and ways of coping. Register by clicking the dates below!

2024 Schedule

Last Wednesday of the Month

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

JUL 31 | AUG 28 | SEP 25 | OCT 30 | NOV 27

A Journey of Love – Online Group

An online support group where you can share your journey of caring for a loved one living with dementia. This safe space allows you to share your thoughts and feelings with others on a similar journey. Register by clicking the dates below!

2024 Schedule

Second Tuesday of the Month

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

JUL 09 | AUG 13 | SEP 10 | OCT 08 | NOV 12

Online Support Group Guidelines

Facilitator should review the ground rules at the beginning of each session, and remind the Group of the rules as needed. 1. Confidentiality first. What is said in the group, stays in the group. 2. Use/give only your first name. 3. When speaking about your friends and family, please use only first names and how they are related to you, e.g. “my husband, Bob”, or “my friend, Mary”. 4. Mute yourself when not talking. 5. Use earbuds/headphones when participating in a location where non-group members are able to hear what others are saying. 6. Ensure non-group members are not present in the background. 7. Follow the instructions of the Support Group Facilitator re: raising hand or using chat box. 8. Share feelings and experiences, but not advice. 9. Accept each other without making judgments. 10. Listen to each other. Give everyone an opportunity to share. 11. Avoid interrupting or having side conversations. 12. Always be honest. 13. Be respectful and sensitive to others. 14. Be supportive and encouraging to each other. 15. Use only respectful language. 16. Do not discuss group members who are not present. 17. Begin and end each meeting on time.