When patients begin to experience frequent hospitalizations, growing stress, weight loss along with chronic fluid build-up, hospice can ease some of the burden of care. The impact of these various symptoms and conditions on suffering and quality of life are profound, and patients can benefit greatly from hospice and palliative care.

We manage pain issues, diabetes, or complications such as ascites, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, and hepatorenal syndrome or hepatopulmonary syndrome. We also provide nurses to address recurrent problems like fatigue or encephalopathy and its proper management with lactulose; dieticians to assess the frequent nutritional deficiencies and the adherence to low-salt diet.

Hospice may be appropriate when patients are experiencing:

  • Dyspnea with increasing respiratory rate
  • Cough (intractable)
  • Nausea/vomiting poorly responsive to treatment
  • Diarrhea (intractable)
  • Pain requiring increasing doses of major analgesics more than briefly

The impact on quality of life for those facing liver disease can be devastating. Liver disease often requires frequent re-hospitalizations due to the unstable nature of the disease. Dealing with the declining health of your loved one can be overwhelming. Delaware Hospice can help.

Your loved one can benefit greatly from the support and care we can provide. Our team is expertly trained in liver disease and can help improve the quality of life for your loved one. Our hospice nurses and medical director will help address many of the issues associated with your loved one’s illness such as pain, shortness of breath, poor nutrition, and confusion.

“Your nurses are so trained and caring on the death process. We had no clue and NOT just one BUT every nurse walked us through the process.”
— Shirley H., Millsboro, DE

Our social worker can help reduce stress by helping both the patient and family deal with the emotional roller coaster associated with lost abilities, independence, and changing family roles.

You’ll also have the hands-on support for the daily tasks of caregiving as our highly trained hospice aides provide the daily care that allows the patient to maintain cleanliness and dignity. You’ll also have the support of our hospice volunteers who provide services ranging from companionship, emotional support and caregiver respite.

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