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Jaxon’s Journey to Finding New Hope

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, eight-year-old Jaxon and his family faced a difficult journey. Jaxon’s father, Sam, had been battling a serious illness, and the time had come to seek hospice services. The family chose Delaware Hospice based on a colleague’s recommendation and high regard for New Hope, dedicated to supporting children as they navigated the complex emotions surrounding the impending loss of a loved one.
Before Sam’s hospice services began, a compassionate New Hope counselor reached out to young Jaxon. The counselor, with a gentle and understanding demeanor, spoke with Jaxon about what he was feeling regarding his father’s illness. This initial conversation allowed Jaxon to open up about his worries, fears, and confusion, which built a strong rapport between him and the counselor.
Jaxon’s mother, seeing how New Hope provided emotional support for Jaxon, also sought assistance for herself, recognizing that her younger son had questions of his own about their dad. The New Hope counselor extended their support to the entire family, helping them understand and cope with the impending loss.
As Sam’s health declined, Jaxon and the New Hope counselor had regular home visits, during which they explored Jaxon’s feelings and addressed any questions he had about his father’s inevitable passing. Even though Jaxon had anticipated this difficult moment, it didn’t make it any easier for him or his little brother. He experienced moments of profound sadness and loss, struggling to come to terms with the impending reality.
New Hope offers a variety of resources and methods to support and educate children like Jaxon and their families during such trying times. New Hope creates opportunities for children to interact with others who experience a similar loss. Jaxon had the chance to attend two New Hope workshops, where he met other children who were going through similar emotions and struggles. This connection with others who understood his pain brought him comfort and a sense of belonging.
The most impactful experience for Jaxon was attending Camp New Hope, an annual summer day camp organized by Delaware Hospice. At Camp New Hope, he had the opportunity to connect with other kids his age who had also lost loved ones. During the four-day adventure, Jaxon and the other campers shared their grief journey with peers and volunteer counselors. The children received visits from therapy dogs, created their own drums with help from a special guest -Mindfulness Drummer Maxine-and even got to go to the water park for a fun-filled water day!
On the last day of camp, a memorial service was held with many parents, grandparents, and siblings in attendance. Each camper presented their unique way of remembering their loved one by singing a song, dancing with their friends, or writing and reading beautiful lines of poetry. At the end of the emotional service, all campers placed a custom ornament on a small ‘Memorial Tree’ as their loved one’s name was called, and a bell was rung in their honor. These trees are now planted in both state parks and may be visited for years to come by our campers.
The camp not only helped Jaxon work through his grief but also provided him with cherished memories and new friendships that would last a lifetime.
Jaxon’s mother couldn’t be more grateful for the support her family received during this time. She said, “Anticipating a loss is nothing shy of agonizing, especially when it is your spouse. Thankfully, having the support and resources Delaware Hospice provided my family during this time helped ease the pain and burden of this loss. As a mother, your priority is ensuring happiness and, more importantly, resilience for your children. New Hope has restored so much hope and resilience among my family that cannot begin to be quantified. We are beyond grateful for the experiences, connections, and peace we have found throughout our involvement.”
Through Delaware Hospice’s compassionate care and programs, Jaxon and his family found solace and strength in the face of their impending loss. While the pain of their journey remained, they had the support and resources they needed to navigate this difficult chapter of their lives, together.

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