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Hospice Facilities as a Hospital Care Alternative

When it comes to end-of-life care, people often want alternatives to staying in the hospital. Hospice care offers that possibility. In fact, over 96% of Delaware Hospice patients are able to remain in their homes and receive home hospice care there. But what about when uncontrolled, acute symptoms call for 24-hour short-term care? That’s when a hospice facility can help.

A home-like option when symptoms can’t be managed at home

In 2008, we opened the Delaware Hospice Center to provide our patients with an alternative to costly hospital care when acute symptoms like pain, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, agitation or restlessness can’t be managed at home. The Delaware Hospice Center is the only facility in Sussex County that offers an alternative to hospital care, and the Center has served over 6,300 patients from across Delaware and parts of Pennsylvania since its opening.

Our state-of-the-art Center includes 16 private patient and family suites, family-style kitchens, children’s play areas, living rooms, and a meditation room. With round-the-clock care, caregivers are given peace of mind knowing that their loved one’s needs are immediately addressed. Not only does the Center offer unlimited visiting hours and accommodations for overnight guests, but even pets are welcome!

Relief and support for caregivers

Caregivers don’t have to be nurses at the Delaware Hospice Center—they can just be spouses, children, or loved ones. At the Center, they’re also relieved from the need to play “host” to friends and family who drop by for a visit; instead, caregivers can enjoy our home-like amenities without worrying about vacuuming or doing the dishes.

The Delaware Hospice Center is about more than just offering comfort to patients—it also addresses the needs of patients’ families and loved ones. The Delaware Hospice Center offers a Family Support Counseling Center, as well as social workers and chaplains on staff to meet with families to discuss the various medical or personal matters that may arise.

An ongoing resource after a short-term stay

Once patients’ symptoms are properly controlled, they are often transitioned back into their homes. When this occurs, patients and their families frequently use the Center as a place to learn about managing medications, pain, and the end-of-life process, as well as a source for disease-specific information.

While all individuals with a life-limiting illness are eligible for hospice care, the Delaware Hospice Center is specifically designed for patients who temporarily require a higher level of specialized care. There are many different reasons patients come to the Delaware Hospice Center, but one of the most prevalent is for peace of mind.

To learn more about home hospice care, the Delaware Hospice Center, and our other services, give us a call at 800.838.9800.

Here’s what our families are saying about the Delaware Hospice Center:

Even though there is “no place like home” if that is not possible Delaware Hospice is the best. Have been there with a few friends and just recently with my Mother. Beautiful facility and staff is absolutely wonderful. So accommodating, empathetic, loving not only to patient but family. A very welcoming, peaceful and comforting atmosphere. God bless each one of them for their caring and loving hearts! —K.P.

It was such a beautiful place for my father. The staff was just so wonderful to him and my family. —D.B

They were at my side every step of the confusing way. … I am so grateful for their expertise care concern and love. I’m not sure I could have done it without them! Eternally grateful! —M.R.

Without a doubt Delaware Hospice is the most compassionate care anyone could ask for. My mother passed away there so peacefully. God Bless all who participated in her care! Thank you from the bottom of my heart —S.S.

Just this past week, I spent several days with a dear friend at the Delaware Hospice Center. From the physician to the housekeeping staff, the degree of professionalism and compassion was wonderful. Such a calling. —C.W.

I have never seen anything so beautiful and people so caring in my life. This is a wonderful place! —K.L.

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