In lieu of flowers, obituaries often designate Delaware Hospice to receive memorial gifts. Each memorial donation we receive is individually acknowledged. The family of the deceased is notified of the gift and the donor’s name, but the amount of the gift is not disclosed.

You can designate Delaware Hospice for memorial gifts in an obituary with the following: “In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Delaware Hospice. Memorial gifts can be made online, over the phone, or via check.”

Gifts can also be made on the anniversary of a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or a holiday. For assistance or more information, call the Development Office at 855-DHI-GIVE or email

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When you include Delaware Hospice in your estate plan, you leave a legacy that is more than monetary. It is an expression of love and compassion toward people in your own community, people in need of comfort. Your estate may also benefit from tax savings, whether your gift takes the form of a bequest, charitable remainder trust, life insurance policy or charitable gift annuity. If you would like to leave a legacy, please contact Peggy Dolby at 800-838-9800 or email