Delaware Hospice Founders Society is a collection of our most compassionate donors whose legacies will build the foundation of our future. The Founders Society recognizes supporters who have included a gift to Delaware Hospice in their estate plans.

By leaving a legacy to Delaware Hospice in your will, you will help provide our patients and their families a helping hand, a willing partner, and a sympathetic ear during a very difficult time in their lives. Your gift, of any size, will help provide volunteers, social workers, chaplains and bereavement counselors to walk alongside these families on their journey. And as the needs of our community change, these gifts will help us continue to evolve our programs and services to match those needs.

“I was there at the beginning, almost 40 years ago. One of the volunteers brought together to address a healthcare need. It was a humbling task and an awesome responsibility as we began to look at all aspects of what would be needed to have a viable organization. I never dreamed that we would be providing care to hundreds of people each day, throughout five counties and that there would be a Delaware Hospice Center, several children’s programs including Katybug and New Hope. It’s really overwhelming for somebody who’s been there from the very beginning to see what has transpired. I don’t think any of us from the formative stage of the organization had any idea, nor would we have believed, what has actually evolved. Today, Delaware Hospice provides a continuum of care, for all stages of a serious illness with the addition of Delaware Transitions and Delaware Palliative. This is a fantastic success story that needs to be told over and over again and it’s still developing.”

– Gene Donnelly, Delaware Hospice Founder, Board member, Founders Society Member

If you, or someone you know, has walked this journey, you know how impactful this help can be!

To become a member of the Founders Society, just fill out the beneficiary form and send it to us once you have completed your estate plans. This will help us recognize your gift according to your wishes. If you prefer not to be recognized, we understand, but please still let us know about your gift. Knowing about your plans allows us to express our appreciation and continue to grow our regional programs and services.

Please join Gene and Marijon Donnelly, along with our Founders Society members in building a foundation for our future:
F. Eugene Donnelly and Marijon R. Donnelly
George and Penelope Hackmann
In memory of Ernest and Muriel Seitz
Ruth Ann Plitt Miller
In memory of Ruth and Charles Plitt
Shawna Saints
Cynthia M. Stewart, PHD and Todd H. Dechter
In memory of Dinah Stewart
Dale Stratton
John Ward

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